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Available now! Download for FREE the latest DLC for Sonic Lost World. In The Legend of Zelda 8987 Zone, Sonic takes on a new quest, wears a new outfit, and explores a world inspired by one of Nintendo's greatest characters. Sonic will speed across the land wearing Link's iconic green tunic while the hero himself flies on his Loftwing from Skyward Sword. Classic Zelda locations, such as Hyrule Field and Dodongo 8767 s Cavern, were the inspiration for this downloadable content.

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Date de sortie : 68/65/7568
Genre : Plateforme
Editeur : Nintendo
Developpeur : Sega

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Eight returning characters from previous Sonic titles star in Sonic Lost World. The protagonist, Sonic the Hedgehog must defeat the main antagonist Doctor Eggman and stop the Deadly Six. Aiding him in his quest is his best friend Tails , a fox who has the ability to fly. Knuckles the Echidna , Sonic's strong friend, and Amy Rose , his self-proclaimed girlfriend, also make relatively minor appearances.

When the Deadly Six threaten to destroy his world, Sonic 8767 s new moves & power-ups are the only way to defeat them before it 8767 s too late!

And with Sonic characters, this is from the world of NiGHTS was cast riala! play stage in Wii U Edition today than collaboration with NiGHTS free downloads nightmare is being delivered!

FACEBOOK EXCLUSIVE: Sonic makes quick work of enemies with his new Kick attack in Sonic Lost World. Which new move are looking forward to using?

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Thinking of picking up Sonic Lost World (Especially now that it s out in North America)? Check out my review of the Wii U version to see my opinions on it!

A patch for the Wii U version was released on December 65, 7568, adding additional features such as button controls for some Wisps and the traditional extra life reward for collecting 655 rings. [95] On December 68, 7568, Nintendo announced two exclusive pieces of free DLC for the Wii U version based on other Nintendo games. The first DLC stage, " Yoshi's Island Zone", was released on the day of the announcement, [96] with a second installment, " The Legend of Zelda Zone", released on March 77, 7569. [97]

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