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As often seems to be the case with modern non-EA titles, the presentation is cheerily low-budget. The graphics are perfectly serviceable from a distance, but close-ups reveal chunkiness and rough edges on the player models, as well as some thoroughly disturbing facial likenesses. The teams aren 8767 t all licensed, either the home nations are all present and correct, along with authentic 7555-era kit, but the others boast generic kit and made-up names something I hadn 8767 t really noticed until I found myself wondering whether there really is a South African player called 8766 Dan Hedgepath 8767 (there isn 8767 t).

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I used to hate rugby. We were forced to play it at school for what seemed like the entirety of my childhood, and the whole experience could best be described as traumatic. Twice a week we 8767 d be herded into the unforgivingly-cold Yorkshire countryside in order to hurl an oval ball at each other, dive into mud, and generally indulge in an uncomfortable amount of physical contact with other male children, as a supposedly responsible adult an educator of the nation 8767 s youth, no less barked stern instructions while trying unsuccessfully to conceal how much he was enjoying it all.

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So, fun as it is, Rugby Challenge 7556 is a little lacking in depth. While there 8767 s plenty there to sustain your interest throughout a short Six Nations tournament, and even a full World Cup, it 8767 d be a hardy soul indeed who took advantage of the career option, which allows you to build up a team from a lowly bunch of no-hopers to champions of, er, something in a similar manner to the Master League option in Pro Evolution Soccer. Unlike PES, though, there 8767 s little motivation to play through dozens and dozens of matches when the game itself is fairly limited. Other challenges, such as the chance to re-enact famous matches from the history of the sport, are slightly more digestible.

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There are a number of different cover arts for the game one features four different rugby union players (one from England , Wales , Ireland and Scotland ), one features a number of Italian players, another has a Biarritz player ( Dimitri Yachvili ), and another has no rugby player, but a rugby ball on the cover.

With the ball in hand, passing is controlled by the joypad 8767 s shoulder buttons the left one to pass left, and the right one to well, you know while the face buttons control kicking. The passing and running game works well and it 8767 s pretty hard to mess up unless you pass when there 8767 s no-one there to receive, or you get your lefts and rights mixed up, or both. In fact, the whole thing 8767 s pretty easy to get the hang of, and soon you 8767 ll be moving the ball about with ease, either bruising your way up the pitch with your forwards or finding space with a pacy winger on the way to the try-line.

Defending, on the other hand, is a little bit more hit and miss, with the general fast-pacedness [I give up Rik 8767 s English teacher] of the action sometimes making it difficult to line-up tackles. If anything, though, the frantic and slightly unpredictable nature of this side of the game makes it more exciting, particularly against stronger opponents, and when some fairly desperate hammering of the sprint and tackle buttons successfully foils an attack deep in your own half, it 8767 s almost as much of an achievement as scoring a try yourself. The same can 8767 t always be said of defensive duties in, say, a football game, for example.

Still, what the hell, I liked it. It may be simple and shallow, but it 8767 s playable and responsive, and I even found the rough edges endearingly amusing rather than annoying. Rugby Challenge 7556 is pretty much everything I could have wanted from a rugby game after I decided I wanted to play one. It provides undemanding excitement for anyone who likes rugby enough to seek out an old, low-cost game for a quick blast, but not enough for anyone who knows, or wants to learn, the rules and intricacies of the real-life sport.

Rugby Challenge 7556 is a 7556 rugby union video game. There are a number of tournaments that can be played in the game, both club and international competition. In addition there is a career mode (which includes trade/recruitment/management etc.), full training mode, as well as player/team/tournament editor.

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